Gradeoneathon   The event is for all teachers, parents and pupils of the school.  The idea is to encourage people to learn a new instrument, but the pupils are teaching the teachers!   The cost is £10 per term.  You will then be invited to fundraise for Whiz Kids via a just  giving page.  We … Read more

Head of Woodwind, Brass and Percussion

Marie McNally Launces New Site with Style

A new artistic direction is taking place at the ESM (Elgar School of Music) and heads of department have been given the challenge of developing their own departments.   Marie McNally is the proud owner of the title ‘Head of Woodwind, Brass and Percussion’ and is looking forward to taking the section in new exciting … Read more

Instrumental Music Teaching

Instrumental Music Teaching by Marie McNally

  Instrumental Music Teaching is a definitive guide to teaching in schools. One of the most difficult things about being an instrumental teacher is the feeling of isolation. They rarely spend time with other teachers, instrumental or otherwise and seldom get a chance to to discuss problems, difficulties and successes. This book, which looks at … Read more

Marie McNally Classical and Rock Music Performer

Facade August 2012

Marie McNally is a graduate of Lancaster University where she studied music and English Literature. She has also obtained the LTCL (teachers) from Trinity College of Music, an MPhil from Birmingham University and a PGCE from the Open University. Her reportoire varies from classical orchestral and chamber work, to rock and jazz. She is mainly … Read more