About Marie

Marie started playing clarinet at school, and studied music at Lancaster University. She then started working with the English Symphony Orchestra as Orchestral Manager where she stayed for 3 years.  After studying Clarinet with several prominent clarinettists, she got her LTCL in 1997. About this time she also started playing the saxophone.

She left the ESO 1998 to study an MPhil in British Opera at Birmingham University, and to gain more work as a freelance clarinettist. She started teaching woodwind and also playing more popular music, maximising her developing love of the saxophone, and playing in several live bands.  She was one of the founder teachers of Worcester Rock School, where she taught sax, vocals, stage technique and managed the Junior Band.

Now Marie can be found in various guises. She still plays as a freelance orchestral musician on both sax and clarinet, as well as performing in both solo and chamber recitals. She has played in various soul and blues bands and plays and sings with the sell-out tribute band, the UK Pink Floyd Experience, the fun and quirky cafe culture band ‘Little Rumba’, and the classical quartet ‘Quartette Lunoire’, which was formed to perform the works of composer John Hymas.

In addition, Marie teaches in schools in Worcester and has written a well received book Instrumental Teaching in School; A Definitive Guide (see publications for web offer!). She gained a PGCE in 2005, and has been an Examiner for Trinity College London for 14 years, where she is also involved in training for examiners, and is the clarinet specialist and diploma advisor. She is also now working on completely a doctoral degree exploring the motivation of teachers within the instrumental teaching world and can be found presenting at academic conferences and leading CPD courses.

Marie also runs the Certificate of Music Educators a the Elgar School of Music, where she is also Head of Woodwind, Brass and Percussion.