Lectures & Talks

Marie has lectured and given talks on various subjects, to Music Societies, Lecture Clubs, Music Services and Educational Development events, and is available for bookings.

Her experience in both orchestral management, and orchestral performance, plus a successful career in the rock / theatre world make her well placed to understand and talk about how to develop a performing career. Sharing knowledge from her examining and adjudication work have led her to work as a coach for successful performance in examinations and auditions.

However her academic interests have led her to a thesis on British composers, British women composers, and the development of British Opera.

In more recent times, work on a PhD at the Institute of Education (University of London) is underway, investigating the effects of motivation on Instrumental Music Teachers and in particular how whole class instrumental teaching has effected our love of musical communication.

Recent topics include:


1. The importance of performance in a teaching career.

2. Becoming an Instrumental Teacher.

3. Motivation and in Instrumental Teaching; Using the power of the brain to embrace new challenges.

4. Developing a Porfolio Career.

5. The brain and music – how musical engagement helps us stay focused as we age.


1. Developing a Performing career.

2. Performance techniques (workshops).

3. Developing and working with professional engagements.


1. British Opera – Vaughan Williams ‘At the Boards Head’ and Holsts ‘Falstaff’.

2. British Music – the development of folksong as a national style.

3. The clarinet – two part lecture on the history of development and performance (including a short recital).