Instrumental Music Teaching


Instrumental Music Teaching is a definitive guide to teaching in schools. One of the most difficult things about being an instrumental teacher is the feeling of isolation. They rarely spend time with other teachers, instrumental or otherwise and seldom get a chance to to discuss problems, difficulties and successes.

This book, which looks at the highs and lows of instrumental teaching from a practical point of view, addresses these issues and shows teachers that they are not alone.

About The Author – Marie NcNally

Marie McNally is a graduate of Lanacster University where she studied music and English Literature. She has also obtained the LTCL (teachers) from Trinity College of Music, an MPhil from Birmingham Iniversity and a PGCE from the Open University.

Marie has worked as the Orcestral Manager for the English String and Symphony Orchestra and now teaches in both private and state schools in Worcester. She is an Examiner for Trinity Guildhall and sits on the board of Education at the Elgar School of Music. Marie is a regular contributor to Music Teacher Magazine.

A valuable book.. for all those who take their music teaching seriously.
Dr Donald Hunt, OBE, Principal of the Elgar School of Music

This is a clear, consice guide to instrumental teaching which covers everthing you need to know! A must-have for both new and experienced teachers alike.
Sarah Rees, Woodwind Teacher