Three Choirs Festival. Terzertto


The Elgar School of Music, Terzetto, Three Choirs Festival Concert- Monday 8th August 2011 SOLD OUT!!  11am Venue Website

The Trio Terzetto are performing a morning concert as part of the Three Choirs Festival on Monday 8th August at 11am.

They are playing a mix of reportoire including the Beethoven Trio for Clarinet, ‘Cello and Piano, and the D’Indy Trio.


Beethoven Trio for clarinet, cello and piano in B flat Op. 11


This 6 movement work us an arrangement of the Op. 20 Septet (1799-1800) which was scored for clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, and bass. The trio arrangement was published ub 1805 for Dr. Johann Schmidt, his new physician and a good violinist. His daughter was a talented pianist and the two, with a cellist friend, often played this music in early 19th Century Vienna, probably at private gatherings and at concerts at their home. Beethoven gave exclusive rights to the score to Dr. Schmidt for one year.


D’Indy Trio for clarinet, cello, and piano in B flat, Op. 29


Composed in 1888 , when the composer was 37 years old, this four movement trio was written for clarinet, but with an alternative version for violin at the request of his publisher. Strongly influenced by Cesar Franc, D’Indy’s reputation, during his own lifetime was considerable, having founded in 1900, what was to become the most important music school on France after the Paris Conservatoire – the Schola Cantorum. The haunting melody pervades the character of the piece and the blended interaction of the musical lines makes this a gen of the reportoire.