Tutoring in schools


Directing Raglejazz at Upton Jazz FestivalMarie has been teaching in schools in Herefordshire and Worcestershire for many years. She teaches Clarinet, Sax, Flute, Recorder as well as Piano and Keyboard, and rock / pop Vocals. She has directed many ensembles, and started the Herefordshire Jazz Ensemble ‘All That Jazz’, and the more recent ‘Raglejazz’ , both of which were regular performers at the prestigious Upton Jazz Festival. She has recently been found directing musicals and runs the school orchestras for Bishop Perowne School in Worcester and St Johns Middle School in Bromsgrove.

She now currently teaches in several schools in Worcester including:

In addition Marie is available for ‘one-off’ performance based workshops and coaching. Groups can be catered for between 10 and 30 pupils, although for larger groups another musician may be drafted in. A typical session would include:

Warm up / get to know each other
Performances (solo or ensemble)
Discussion and workshop of performances
Groups may be split and work on different outcomes of discussion and needs of the performances.
Performance by Marie or visiting musician
Performance of students showing improvements – sometimes to parents or peers

Marie believes strongly in creating performance opportunities and organises concerts, outings, festivals and other events for her students.